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8.3.2018 9:56 Uutiset / Etusivu

An eventful February has turned into March and we are approaching spring. The main event in February was Jamboree seminar in Lohtaja, which gathered almost 140 camp experts from almost 70 different fire brigades around Finland - what a great amount! During that weekend the spheres of activity managed to polish their plans, the map of the camp area is very close to its final version and a couple of spheres agreed on some planning gatherings before the camp in the spring.

Scout representatives visited the area during the seminar weekend. Their camp “Tempus18” will start 22.7. and end 29.7. in the same area as ours. The camps are very similar when comparing the basic activities, so we have a lot in common. We wish the scouts a great camp!

Next the organisation will gather with representatives from different spheres of activity to plan how to make arriving to the camp’s opening day and visitation day easy. On the opening day, a large number of fire brigaders with tents and gear will need to find their places as quickly and smoothly as possible. For planning this we need to know the sizes and amounts of tents in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and get all the tents in their right places on the first try.

Registration for the camp is still open, and this is a good time to challenge more participants to the camp, to courses as well as working as officials. Our program selection is broad, there will be enough activities from dawn to dusk.

Two spheres of activity, publicity and safety, are still looking for a time and place for their planning days. These events as well as all the rest you can find in the calendar of our web pages. There is only 117 days left until the camp and soon we will send out more detailed camp instructions to the participants. If you are uncertain of something concerning the camp, please contact me or a sphere of activity. Contact information is available on our web site.

Rovaniemi 5.3.2018

Pertti Heikkilä, project manager

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